Selecting an EB-5 project to invest in can be a difficult decision given all the important factors to consider. EB-5 investors are frequently enticed with offers to “maximize ROI of their EB-5 investment.” However, it’s critical to be wary of these offers and remember that EB-5 is an investment for your permanent residency, NOT to expand your wealth or receive high-yield interest rates. So, when analyzing projects, investors need to consider factors such as job creation, project financing, developer reputation, and repayment strategies, among others.

It’s easy to be fooled by offers of high interest rates or attractive deals that give the illusion of receiving additional benefits from the EB-5 investment but might put at risk the most important issues. The priority should always be permanent green card issuance and repayment of capital. In fact, receiving additional benefits from the EB-5 investment, can result in a denial of the investor’s case with USCIS. For more information on what are the most important factors to consider, refer to our videos on “How to Analyze an EB-5 Project.”