The costs and fees associated with the EB-5 visa process can vary based on several factors, including the type of investment, legal and administrative fees, and other related expenses. Here’s a general overview of the main costs and fees you might encounter when pursuing an EB-5 visa:

1. Investment Amount: $800,000 for projects in a Targeted Employment Area (“T.E.A”) or $1,050,000 for a direct investment. 

2. USCIS Fees: These fees cover the administrative costs of processing your EB-5 application. The fees for each phase can be found on the USCIS website: 




3. Legal Fees: Hiring an immigration attorney who specializes in EB-5 visas is highly recommended. Attorneys’ fees can vary based on the complexity of your case, the services provided, and the attorney’s experience. Pathways can help investors connect with the best attorneys in the field.  

4. Regional Center Fees: If investing through a Regional Center, there might be fees associated with participation in their projects. These fees can vary widely and depend on the specific project and regional center. These are usually disclosed in the project’s Private Placement Memorandum (“PPM”). 

It’s important to remember that EB-5 program rules and fee structures can change over time. It’s advisable to consult with an immigration attorney or professional who can provide the most up-to-date information on the costs and fees associated with the EB-5 visa process based on case-specific circumstances.