In rural Cambodia, most pregnant women live in poverty, have little access to healthcare, and do not know how to raise a healthy family. Community health teachers who are trained to share the gospel go to rural villages where twenty or more pregnant ladies wait for the day’s bible teaching and pregnancy lesson. Each lady who attends receives a ticket that allows them to use their local health center for their delivery — a safe place with protection from corruption. Every week the lessons share the gospel and address topics such as safe foods during pregnancy, hydration, breastfeeding, and caring for a sick child. Families have come to faith through these groups!

Our gift helped 400 pregnant women in need.

Your gift of only $25 can provide weekly pre-natal checks, vitamins, clean water, parenting classes, safe delivery at a health center, immunizations for the baby’s first year of life, many chances to hear the good news. Give today to save lives now and for eternity!

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